April 29, 2006

Center for the Study of Democracy
University of California, Irvine

The Center for the Study of Democracy, University of California, Irvine is pleased to announce its second annual  graduate student conference on democracy.

Doctoral students from California universities are invited to send their project proposals on research related to issues of democracy in the U.S. and abroad, broadly construed, as suggested by the following examples of areas in which we welcome papers.

  • The problems facing the democratic process in the United States, West Europe or other established democracies
  • The development of sustainable democracies in Eastern Europe, East Asia, and other new democracies
  • The role of the mass media in democracies
  • Sociological, political, and economic conditions related to democratic development
  • The role of citizens within the democratic process, mass behavior, attitudes, and opinions, and methods to expand citizen access and influence
  • Democracy within institutions and the impact of institutions on the functioning of the democratic process
  • Social movements and the politics of dissent
  • Policies that promote or hinder democratic citizenship

The conference will provide an excellent venue for doctoral students to receive guidance on projects on democracy-related topics. Faculty from UCI and other California universities will serve as discussants. In addition, we anticipate again publishing selected papers from the conference in a proceedings volume published by the University of California's eRepository.

The conference is organized by Professors David Meyer, Department of Sociology, Anthony McGann, Department of Political Science, Yulia Tverdova, Department of Political Science, and Carole Uhlaner, Department of Political Science, and doctoral students Catherine Corrigall-Brown and Alix van Sickle. The Center for the Study of Democracy is funding and administering the conference.


Democracy and its Development

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2nd Annual Graduate Student Conference
Center for the Study of Democracy, UC Irvine

April 29, 2006

Breakfast and Introduction. SST 220A. 9:00-10:00.

Introductory Remarks. SST 220A. 10:00-10:15.

Panel A1: You Tell Me It's the Institution. SSL 228. 10:15-12:00.

"Do Democracies Outperform Non-democracies in Income Inequality?"
Liang-chih Evans Chen, UC Riverside

"Effective Number of Parties and Effective Numbers of Relevant Parties: A Comparison and an Analysis with an Application to the Duration of Cabinets. "
Reuben Kline, UCI
paper not available online.

"Citizenship Policies in the 15 Former Soviet Union Republics: A Quantitative Analysis"
Shushanik Makaryan, Washington State University

"How do we get the institutions right? The conditions for institutional effectiveness"
Nicholas Weller with Cheryl Boudreau, UCSD
Lunch, SST 220A. 12:00-1:15.
Panel B1: Sub-national Democracy. SSL 228. 1:30-3:15.

"Efficiency of the Political Market in the California State Legislature."
Seiji Fujii, UCI

"Explaining Variance in State Spending in Public Post-Secondary Education: A Look at Legislature Identification with Target Populations"
Megan Thiele, UCI

"Clientelism and War Criminals: What Keeps Serbia from Cooperating with the Hague?"
Keith Jarrett, UCI

"Estimations of the Incumbency Effects in the US State Legislatures: A Quasi-experimental approach"
Yogesh Uppal, UCI

Panel C1: After Authority. SSL 228. 3:30-5:15.

"Democratic Support in Post-Communist Europe"
Willy Jou, UCI
paper not available online.

"A City Upon a Hill:Religious Participation, Ideology, and Conservative Political Attitudes in the United States"
Adam Martin, UCI

"Platform Leadership: Cultivating Support for a Public Profile"
Kelsy Kretschmer, UCI

"Where does it Work? An Empirical Analysis of Political Conditionality"
Nikolas Emmanuel, UC Davis

Panel C2: Religious and Reactive Movements. SSL 238. 3:30-5:15.

"Political Threats and Reactive Movements: White Supremacist Public Actions in the U.S., 1947-1997"
Steve Boutcher, UCI
paper not available online.

"Colonial Effects: Women, the Nation and the Iranian Revolution of 1979"
"Impact of Internet on Chinese Authoritarian Rule during SARS and Falun Gong Incidents"
Minna Jia, USC

"Colonial Effects: Women, the Nation and the Iranian Revolution of 1979"
Heather Barahmand, UCR

"Strong and Weak Institutionalization: The Chilean-Argentine Paradox"
Moira Mackinnon, UCSD

Closing Remarks. SST 220A. 5:15.

Please join us afterward for drinks and light food at the Steelhead Brewery.


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