Graeme BousheyCalifornia politics and statewide elections, American politics, state and federal policy-making, ballot measures and the initiative process                 
Sara GoodmanCitizenship policy, immigration, immigrant integration, ethnic diversity in democracies, diaspora                  

Founding Director, Russell Dalton: Citizen politics, empirical democratic studies, social movements
Immediate Past Director, Louis DeSipioMinority politics, Hispanic political behavior
Past Director,
Bernard Grofman: Representation, constitutional design and electoral systems, public choice
Past Director, William Schonfeld: Comparative political behavior, empirical democratic studies, citizens and politics
*Chair Emeritus of the CSD Leadership Council, Jack W. Peltason

Executive Committee


Catherine Bolzendahlpolitical sociology, the welfare state, sociology of gender and the family, comparative sociology, quantitative methods
Ines Levin:
Statistical and computational methods, voter behavior, political participation, and public opinion
Michael McBride: Microeconomics, game theory, political economy
David S. Meyer: U.S. social movements, anti-nuclear and women's movements
Michael Tesler: race and ethnic politics, political attitudes and behaviors, and research methodology


Other Center Faculty

Edwin Amenta: Political Sociology, historical and comparative sociology, social movements, social policy
Nina Bandelj: Economic sociology, Eastern Europe, post-communist change  
Frank Bean: Immigration, demography, citizenship  
Matthew Beckmann: Presidency, Congress, interest groups, mass media & politics
Catherine Bolzendahl: political sociology, the welfare state, sociology of gender and the family, comparative sociology, quantitative methods
Graeme Boushey: California politics and statewide elections, American politics, State and federal policy-making, Ballot measures and the initiative process
Simone Chambers: Democratic theory, ethics, secularism, rhetoric, civility and the public sphere 
Linda Cohen: Technology policy, economics, public choice
Louis DeSipio: Minority politics, Hispanic political behavior
Martha Feldman: Organizational learning and adaptation, public management and public policy
Cynthia Feliciano: Race/Ethnicity/Minority Relations, Migration and Immigration, Education
Wang Feng: Chinese studies, demography and urban politics
David Frank: Globalization, sexuality, the natural environment, higher education
Amihai Glazer: Public choice, public policy, economics of governance
Sara B. Goodman: Immigrant integration, ethnic diversity, diasporas, the European Union, and welfare regimes
Richard L. Hasen:  Election Law, Legislation, Remedies, and Torts
Marek Kaminski: Voting models, democratization, electoral laws
Jeffrey Kopstein: Comparative politics, dictatorship and democracy, ethnic politics, political violence, post-communism
Claire Kim: Race and ethnicity, social movements, immigration
Jennifer Lee: Immigration, race/ethnicity, social inequality, Asian American studies
Ines Levin: Statistical and computational methods, voter behavior, political participation, and public opinion
Erin Lockwood:  Financial derivatives, financial regulation, international political economy, political theory, risk and uncertainity 
Richard Matthew: Environmental change, conflict, security
Michael McBride: Microeconomics, game theory, political economy
Davin Phoenix: Racial attitudes, affect and behavior, public opinion, political communications, urban politics, mobilization of marginalized group
Francesca Polletta: Social movements, democracy, culture, sociology of law, race & ethnicity, social theory
Charles Ragan: Comparative and historical sociology, social inequality, political sociology, quantitative methodology, qualitative methodology
Shawn Rosenberg: Political cognition and public ideologies in electoral processes
Evan Schofer: Globalization, political participation, education, environmentalism, economic growth, economic inequality
Stergios Skaperdas: Mathematical modeling, economics, international studies
David Smith: Urbanization and development, political economy of the world system
Belinda Robnett-Olsen: Social movements, race and ethnicity, social change
Charles "Tony" Smith: Public law, legal institutions, comparative and international law
David Snow: Social movements, inequality, sociology of education
Dorothy Solinger: Chinese politics and comparative political economy
Judith Stepan-Norris: the American labor movement and workplace democratization
Yang Su: Social movements, contentious politics, China
Rein Taagepera: Citizen politics, empirical democratic studies, social movements
Michael Tesler: race and ethnic politics, political attitudes and behaviors, and research methodology
Danielle Thomsen American politics, political parties, U.S. Congress, gender and politics
Carole Uhlaner: Political behavior, participation, ethnic politics, public choice
Samantha Vortherms:  comparative political economy, development, social welfare
Martin Wattenberg: public opinion, political parties in the U.S.
Christopher A. Whytock, Transnational litigation, international law, conflict of laws, empirical legal studies 


University of California Affiliates

James Adams (UC Davis): Voting behaviors, parties' election strategies,and political representation in Western Europe and the United States
Benjamin Bishin (UC Riverside):Representation, legislative studies, political behavior, identity politics, and Cuban American politics.
Shaun Bowler (UC Riverside): Electoral politics, European politics  
Arend Lijphart (UCSD Emeritus): Democratization, electoral systems
Matthew Shugart (UCD): Democratic institutions, electoral politics
Barbara Sinclair (UCLA Emerita): U.S. Congress, electoral politics, American Politics
Kaare Strom (UCSD): Parliamentary democracy, political parties, applied formal theory
Michael Thies (UCLA): Legislative institutions, electoral systems, and party competition to the study of Japanese politics


National and International Affiliates


Amy C. Alexander  (University of Gothenburg/Sweden): Women and politics, comparative politics, human development, value change, democratization, political representation
Thomas P. Bernstein  (Columbia University, Emeritus): Specialist on comparative politics, China and communist systems
Mario Diani (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona): Social movements and collective action theory, Environmental politics, network analysis of political processes
David Farrell (University College, Dublin): Parties, elections, electoral systems, European Parliament
Shizheng Feng (Renmin Unversity): Social movements and collective action, political transition, social inequality, and college education in China
Giorgio Freddi (University of Bologna Emeritus): Public administration, comparative health policies, the European Union, Italian Politics
Diego Garzia (University of Lucerne, Switzerland):  Comparative Political Behavior, Partisan Dealignment, Personalization of Politics, Political Communication
Daniela Giannetti (University of Bologna): Public choice, elections and political parties, coalition formation
Paul Gronke (Reed College): Specialist on elections and election law, Director of the Early Voting Information Center
M. Bruno Jerome (University of Paris, II): Parties and voting, political economy
P.G. Klandermans ( Vrije University, Amsterdam): Collective action and social movements
Hans-Dieter Klingemann (WZ Berlin, Emeritus): Political parties, European politics, social change
Kai Konrad (WZ Berlin): Political economy, public finance and economic policy
Annie Laurent (University of Lille 2): Parties, elections, French politics
Betrand Lemennicier (University of Paris II) Emeritus: Public choice, political economy, prediction models of French elections
Ian McAllister (Australian National University): Democratic transitions in postcommunist societies, electoral systems and democracy
Ferdinand Muller-Rommel  (Leuphana University of Luneburg): Empirical democratic studies, political parties and governments in Central and Eastern Europe
Gideon Rahat (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Comparative politics, electoral systems, electoral reform, political parties, Israeli politics
Jen'nan Read (Duke University): Muslim identity and social and political integration, women and politics, health issues involving immigration, race, and gender.
Ben Reilly (Murdoch Univerity, Australia): Democratization, ethinic conflict, governance and development in the Asia-Pacific
Wayne Sandholtz (University of Southern California): International norms and institutions, political corruption, humanitarian intervention, european integration
Carsten Q. Schneider (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary): Democratization, regime consolidation, regime measurement devices, and comparative methodology
Alec Stone-Sweet (Yale University): Comparative legal process and constitutional courts
Filippo Tronconi (University of Bologna): Political parties in comparative perspective, ethnoregionalist parties, political elites
Yuliya Tverdova (Bellingham, Washington):  Comparative politics, political behavior, public opinion, post-communist transition, russian politics
Christian Welzel (Leuphana University, Luneburg, Germany): Cultural change, social values, political participation, civil society, social capital, democratization, direct democracy, modernization theory


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