USA Today/Gannett News Florida Ballot Review and Demographic Database--2000 U.S. Presidential Election


The Florida Recount
USA TODAY, The Miami Herald, Knight Ridder newspapers, The Tampa Tribune and five other Florida newspapers spent the five months examining all disputed ballots in Florida. The study attempted to discover who might have won if all the disputed votes in Florida had been reviewed by hand, and to learn what went wrong to cause so many voters' ballots to be thrown out.

The study found that the former vice president might have won a narrow victory if lenient standards that counted every mark on a ballot had been used. But Gore could not have won without a hand count of overvote ballots, something that he did not request.

The aggregated data from this study can be downloaded as an SPSS portable file. The file includes variables describing the characteristics of each precinct, the votes recorded, and the results of the vote recounts. There are 63 variables for 5815 precincts in this datafile. The datafile was prepared by Dr. Anthony Salvanto, a Research Fellow at the Center for the Study of Democracy.

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