5th Annual UCI Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) California Graduate Student Democracy Conference (with a focus on Race, Ethnicity, Religion and Gender) 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

9:00- 9:30 Registration and Breakfast (SST 220 AB)

10:00- 11:45 (SSL 155) Panel 1- Religion

Discussant: Catherine Bolzendahl (UCI), Steve Burgard (Northeastern University)

Horowitz, Adam. (Stanford) “Nowhere in Between: Multireligious Identity and the Nature of Categorization in America.”

Wang, Yun.(UCR) “Farthest from Christ and Nearest Buddha: A Comparison of US-based Rights and Humanitarian Transnational Networks.”

Flores, Edward. (USC)“Imagined Enclaves: Homeboys and Brothers experience Religious Acculturation.”

Rahman, Fatima. (UCI)“Political Islam and Gender: The Impact upon Democracy.”


 (SSL 159) Panel 2: Democracy

Discussant:  Tony Smith (UCI), Yuliya Tverdova (UCI)

Sinmazdemir, N. Tolga.(NYU) “Positive Discrimination, Negative Consequences? Preferential Politices, Redistribution and Democratic Stability.”

Somer-Topcu, Zeynep. (UCD) “Selective Responsiveness? Party Policy Change in Nine Western European Democracies.”


11:45- 1:00 Lunch  (SST 220AB)

Luncheon Speaker: Steve Burgard. "Religion, Politics and the Press in the Age of Obama."


1:00-2:45 (SSL 155) Panel 3- Race and Ethnicity

Discussants: Katherine Tate, Belinda-Robnett (UCI)

Bozonelos, Dino and Julian Medeiros. (UCR) “The “Other” White Americans: Explaining the Partisan Identifications of Arab Americans.”

Kline, Reuben and Chris Stout. (UCI) “Measuring Polling Bias in 2008: The Bradley Effect and Related Issues.”

Le, Danvy. (UCI) “Divided Loyalties? A Study of Remittances Beyond the First Generation.”

Stout, Chris. (UCI) “Black Candidates Political Attitudes.”


2:45-3:15 Coffee Break (SST 220AB)


3:15-5:00 (SSL 155) Panel 4- Participation, Protest, and Collective Action

Discussant: Louis Desipio (UCI)

Ferenstein, Greg (UCI) “Latent Political Philosophy and Why Things Go Wrong.”

Rosales, William. (UCLA) “Engaging in What? Examining Variations in Levels of Immigrant Civic Engagement in Los Angeles.”

Hu, Yiyang. (UCI) “Grievance and Protest: The Conditioning Effect of Political Support.”

Coulter, Kris. (UCI) “Anti-rape Movement.”


Conference organized by Chairs, Louis DeSipio (Political Science), Belinda Robnett-Olsen (Sociology); Co-Chairs, Chris Stout, Kris Coulter, and Daisy Reyes (Social Science Graduate Students).


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