Center for the Study of Democracy
June 20-23, 2004

This conference is the fifth in a series held on the world's major election systems. Previous conferences have looked at list systems of proportional representation, the single transferable vote, the single non-transferable vote, and mixed member systems. The main focus on this conference will be electoral rules in France (double ballot), UK (single seat plurality) and the U.S. (single seat plurality and majority runoff). The conference is funded by the Borchard Foundation; it will be held at the Hotel de la Bretesche, Missilac (Bretagne), France.

The co-organizers are Bernard Grofman (UC Irvine), Shaun Bowler (UC Riverside) and James Adams (UC Santa Barbara).

Monday, June 21

Bernard Dolez and Annie Laurent: "The Vote Seat Equation and the Single Member Run-Off System: The French Example"

Christine Fauvelle-Aymar and Michael Lewis-Beck: "Coalition Strategies and the National Front Vote in French Legislative Contests"

Tuesday, June 22

Jim Adams, Bernard Grofman and Samuel Merrill: "Does France's Two-Ballot Presidential Election System Alter Candidates' Policy Strategies? A Spatial Analysis of Office-Seeking Candidates in the 1988 Presidential Election"

Jean-Dominique LaFay: "The Effects of Changes in French Electoral Laws"

Bruno Jérôme and Veronique Jérôme-Speziari: "2004 French Regional Elections: The Politico-Economic Factors of a Nationalized Ballot"

Wednesday, June 23

Jon Fraenkel and Bernard Grofman: "Does the Alternative Vote Foster Moderation in Ethnically Divided Societies?"

Ian Budge: "Policy Correlates of Pluralitarian and Majoritarian Systems"



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