Friday,  December 7,  2001

2-4 p.m. Panel 1: Race and Ethnicity in Redistricting

South Africa and General Overview - Andy Reynolds, "Comparative Approaches to Race and Redistricting"
Fiji - Jonathan Fraenkel, "Redistricting via Coups and Constitutions: The Construction of Ethnically-Mixed Constituencies in Fiji 1970-2001"
USA - David Lublin, "Race and Redistricting in the United States"
India - S. Mendiratta "Delimitation (Redistricting) in the Indian Electoral System"
Discussant Bruce Cain
Saturday, December 8

10-12:30 Panel 2: Equal Population and Other Redistricting Criteria

Australia - Rod Medew, "Australia's Concession to One Vote One Vote"
Italy - Pietro Navarra and Dario Caroniti, "Instrumental Redistricting and Legislative Unanimity in the Context of Electoral Reform: The Case of Italy"
Japan - Toshi Moriwaki, "The Politics of Redistricting in Japan: A Confrontation between the Criteria of Equal Population and Local Government Boundaries"
Eastern Europe - Marina Popescu and Gabor Toka, "Districting and Redistricting in Eastern and Central Europe: Regulations and Practices"
USA - Lisa Handley, "The Role of the U.S. Courts in Mandating Redistricting Criteria"
Discussant - Karin MacDonald
12:45-2 p.m. Lunch (at the hotel)

2:15-3:30 p.m. Panel 3: Political Gerrymandering and Redistricting

USA - Bernie Grofman, "Why Did the Democrats Lose So Many Southern House Seats from 1992 to 2000? A Lifeboat Model"
UK- Ron Johnston, "Distortion Magnified: New Labour and the British Electoral System 1950-2001"
Japan Gerrymandering - Junichiro Wada/Toshihiro Sakaguchi, "How to Avoid Gerrymandering: An Optimal Districting Experiment Using a Japanese Case"
Discussant - Richard Katz
3:45-5:30 p.m. Panel 4: Institutional Mechanisms for Redistricting

USA - Michael McDonald "United States Redistricting: A Comparative Look at the 50 States"
Canada - John Courtney "From Gerrymanders to Independence: District Boundary Readjustments in Canada"
Ireland - John Coakley "Electoral District Boundary Delimitation in Ireland"
Mexico - Alonso Lujambio "In Search of Neutrality: Mexican Redistricting in Historical Perspective"
New Zealand - Alan McRobie "An Independent Commission with Political Input: New Zealand's Electoral Redistribution Practices"
Discussant - Jonathan Katz
Sunday, December 9

10 a.m.-12 p.m. Panel 5: Redistricting Overview and Plans for Conference Volume

Funding for this conference was provided by the National Science Foundation and the Center for the Study of Democracy at UC Irvine.


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