6th Annual UCI Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) Graduate Student Conference

Saturday, May 10, 2010

(Program in PDF format)

9:00- 9:30 Registration and Breakfast (SSPB 1208)

10:00- 11:45 (SSL 117) Panel 1a- Institutions

Discussant: Katie Bolzendahl, Department of Sociology, UCI

Neil Chaturvedi – The People’s Will: State Supreme Court Justices as Representatives

Thomas J. Hayes – Senate Responsivness in an Era of Inequality

Seth Alexander – Judicial Empowerment in Authoritarian Regimes

Brian Donald Williams – How Consensual are Consensual Democracies? Comparing Legislative Roll-Call Vote Outcomes From Twenty-Four Countries

10:00- 11:45 Panel 1b-Mobilization  (SSL 119)

Discussant: Yang Su, Department of Sociology, UCI

Yuval Feinstein – War and the Public: A New Explanation from the Rally-Round-The-Flag Syndrome

Kathryn Quick – Narrative Work of Managing Emergent Democratic Processes

Evan McCulla – Labor Contention in China: A Statistical Perspective

Amanda Pullum – Countermovements in the States

Jeff Kwong – Multiple Principles, Conflicting Objectives, and Agent Enactment Failure: The Case of Proposition 209 in California

11:45- 1:00 Lunch (SSPB 1208)

 1:00-2:45 Panel 2a-Theory (SSL 117)

Discussant: Evan Shoefer, Department of Sociology, UCI

Mayia Shulga – The Elite Competitive Conception of Democracy, Its Social Ontological Assumptions, and their Consequences for Studying Democracy

Ovid Boyd – Referenda Around the World: History and Status of Direct Democracy

David Selby – Democractic Destruction in France: Tocqueville and the Freedom of Education, 1843-1844

Gina Linda Gustavsson – Freedom in Mass Values – Egocentric, Humanistic, or Both? Using Isaiah Berlin to Understand a Contemporary Debate

1:00-2:45 Panel 2b-Electoral Process (SSL 119)

Discussant: Tony McGann, Department of Political Science, UCI

Seema Shah - Intra-ethnic Electoral Violence in Divided Societies: The Case of Sri Lanka

Ines Levin – Voter Choice in the 2006 Mexican Presidential Election

Debra Leiter – The Conditionality of Voter Decision Making: How Voter Sophistication Conditions Use of Valence and Ideological Proximity in Party-Centric Systems

Adil Omar Fala – Elections and Democratization: A New Assessment

2:45-3:15 Coffee Break

3:15-5:00 Panel 3-Current Issues in Democracy (SSL 117)

Discussant: Sara Goodman, Department of Political Science, UCI

Marco Mares and Maria Elena Guadamuz– Party Fragmentation and Latin American Budgetary Outcomes Revisited

Peter Miller – Torture and Social Modernization

Ginger Silvera – Is Democracy Property Rights Friendly?