The following list includes most of the Democracy Fellows of the Center who are pursuing their Ph.D. studies at UC Irvine:


Lauren Anderson:  Political Sociology, Culture and Equality.
Maneesh Arora: Race and ethnicity, public opinion, and political behavior.
Colin Bernatzky: Culture and social movements.
Megan Brooker: Social movements, social change, political sociology, participatory democracy.
Jessica Callahan: Social movements, sexuality, and family.
Nathan Chan: Race and ethnicity politics and American and comparative political behavior, political participation of Asian Americans as well as political protest and democratization in Hong Kong.
Katelyn Finley:  democracy studies
Beth G. Gardner:social movements, inequality, urban sociology.
Kathryn Hoban: Social movements, political sociology, group process, and organizational theory.
Ralph Ittonen Hosoki: labor unions and workers' movements, immigration and citizenship.
Eulalie Jean Laschever: Social movements, media,culture, political sociology.
Jason Mueller: Global political economy, development, contentious politics, political violence, historical and comparative methods.
Sofia Pedroza: Political sociology, sociology of law, democracy, and reproductive rights.
Michelle Peria : political sociology, ethnography, social movements, mass media and politics.
Anna Tan: political sociology, social movements
Burrell Vann, Jr.:  Social movements, political sociology, stratification, quantitative methods.

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